FantasyCraft Core rule book


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Your Dungeon, Your Dragon, Your Way
This is the time of high adventure – your adventure! Take charge of your gaming experience with simple yet powerful rules that let you craft any character, any monster, or any world you can imagine. Whether you like your fantasy bright or bleak, gritty or gonzo it’s all here, supported with one of the most versatile RPG systems ever devised.
Versatile mix-and-match character creation
Revolutionary point-buy monster construction
Sleek, simple character-centric combat
Skill-driven spellcasting and world-driven miracles
Collaborative, dynamic storytelling rules
Fantasy Craft gets back to why we love gaming: It’s about the stakes and raising them. It’s about the odds and beating them. It’s about legends and making them. It’s about you.
Roll Your Dice Like a Hero Again!
This Hardback covered core rulebook is in near mint condition with light markings on the hardcover.